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We've got Skills

Chain and Scalemaille

Is it chain mail? Chainmail... Chainmaille, chain maille?  Any way you spell it, it looks incredible. Our customers have rocked our pieces at renaissance fairs, conventions, photo shoots, concert performances, music festivals, and even prom and weddings! We create each piece with care, one link at a time. Every design is created to fit comfortably while looking just as awesome as it feels. 

Forged Jewelry

Made the really, really old fashioned way, with a hammer and saw, these pieces are all one of a kind.  Using a few modern conveniences, like a torch, sandpaper, and electric lights (ha!), we create each piece individually, so no two are the same.  We also create some custom work, so feel free to ask!

Leather and Fiber

We joke that we never met a craft we didn't like.  So here you will find creations in leather, fibers, and more.  Everything is made with the same attention to detail, and makes your look stand out from the crowd.

Chain mail being created by hand
Two hand forged brass cuff bracelets
A leather and metal corset
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